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Aloe Blue Elf
Aloe Blue Elf
Aloe Blue Elf

Aloe Blue Elf

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4" potted Aloe Blue Elf. These plants are evergreen succulents native to South Africa.


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Plant Care:


Prefers bright, indirect light (near south-facing windows). Can benefit from supplemented lighting if your location does not receive ample light. Can be kept outside during sunny months. Provide partial shade during hotter days.


Temperature and humidity:

Can survive occasional low temperatures but loves warm heat (60°F-75°F or warmer). These plants can tolerate drought for short periods and do not mind dry air. Can occasionally be cleaned by misting and wiping dry with a cloth to remove any dust, but avoid doing this often especially during the winter months.


Allow soil to dry out mostly or completely in between waterings. Water thoroughly and allow soil to drain completely. Can reduce watering frequency in winter months. These plants retain a lot of water in their flesh - avoid overwatering. 

General Info:

Non toxic to humans. Can be toxic to pets if ingested.