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Bromeliad Neoregelia
Bromeliad Neoregelia
Bromeliad Neoregelia

Bromeliad Neoregelia

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6" Bromeliad Neoregelia. Common name Magali Bromeliad. Bromeliads are part of the pineapple family and are native to tropical North and South America.


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Plant Care:



Bright, natural light. Keep out of direct sunlight.

Temperature and humidity:

Prefers 70-90 degrees during the day and no cooler than 50 degrees fahrenheit overnight. Prefers high humidity and does well with an occasional misting.


In winter / cooler environments - allow soil to dry out between waterings. In summer / hotter environments - keep the soil moist. The central cup should be kept filled with pure filtered, distilled or rainwater year-round. Avoid tap water if possible. Do not overwater.

General Info:

Non-toxic to humans and pets. Can cause mild irritation if ingested.