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Skyscraper Senecio
Skyscraper Senecio

Skyscraper Senecio

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6" Skyscraper Senecio. Succulent native to South Africa.


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Plant Care:


Prefers bright, indirect light (near south-facing windows). Can benefit from supplemented lighting if your location does not receive ample light. Can be moved outside during sunny months. Can tolerate full sun to partial sun. Bring back indoors before temperature shifts of the fall season. 


Temperature and humidity:

Can survive occasional low temperatures but prefers warmer temperatures. These plants can tolerate heat and dry air and do not require humid environments. 


Allow soil to dry out between watering but do not leave it dry for too long. Water thoroughly and allow soil to drain completely. Can reduce watering frequency in winter months. Established plants are drought tolerant. 

General Info:

Toxic to humans and pets if ingested. Low maintenance plant.