The Roots

Welcome to "The Roots"
The Roots is Parable's giving circle and support system. We have learned along the way that without your support, we wouldn't be making the moves that we are making. Your generosity is like the root system of trees and plants that are thriving. To extend or gratitude, we are building a network for our reoccurring givers. To join The Roots, make a donation here and check the "make this a monthly donation" box. By joining The Roots, you will receive access to monthly vlogs, merch, discount codes, insider previews on upcoming events and new inventory, as well as a pre-grand opening event. There is no minimum to join The Roots community. Every dollar we are thankful for. 
If there is a specific project you are especially excited to fund - feel free to select the project in the drop-down menu on PayPal. Help us get a "bingo" (see card below). We will continue to accept one-time donations as well. Joining The Roots with a reoccurring donation is completely optional.