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Anthurium Flowering
Anthurium Flowering
Anthurium Flowering

Anthurium Flowering

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4" Anthurium "Red" Flowering. Common name Flamingo Lily. The world’s longest blooming plant. Anthurium Flowerings are native to South and Central America. 


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Plant Care:


Prefers a warm, well-lit area. Tolerates less light in the winter. Avoid direct sunlight.


Temperature and humidity:

Prefers 70-90 degrees during the day and no cooler than 60 degrees Fahrenheit overnight. Likes humidity above 50%.


Water thoroughly. Let the top 1-2 inches of soil dry out in between waterings. 

Tip: Yellow leaf tips are a sign of overwatering. Brown leaf tips are a sign of under-watering.

General Info:

Toxic if ingested.

Pot up when the roots become crowded.