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6" Hibiscus. Flowering plant from the mallow family. Native to various tropical and subtropical regions. 


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Plant Care:


Prefers bright, indirect natural light (near south or southwest facing winding for maximum exposure). If your location does not receive adequate light, this plant may benefit from supplemented artificial lighting.


Temperature and humidity:

Prefers warm temperatures 60°F to 85°F. Can be moved outdoors if desired when the nightly temperature does not dip below 55 °F. If there is a heatwave outdoors, this plant might benefit from being moved into partial shade. Bring your plant back indoors before the fall season otherwise - if your plant has become acclimated to cooler weather, it might go into shock when you bring it back inside. Prefers humid conditions. Average home humidity is typically too dry. Consider supplementing with a humidifier or other methods. 


Let the topsoil dry between waterings to prevent root rot. Water with room temperature or warm water, especially in winter months. Some yellow leaves may indicate the leaves are old and on their way out. Excessive amount of yellow leaves may indicate the plant is stressed from under-watering. 

General Info:

For most plants, rotating the plant encourages even and full growth. However if a hibiscus plant is budding, do not rotate the plant or keep the rotation to a minimum if possible to prevent the buds from dropping. Considered non toxic to humans though some varieties may be toxic to pets if ingested.