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Senecio String of Bananas
Senecio String of Bananas

Senecio String of Bananas

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6" Hanging Senecio String of Bananas. Common name String of Bananas. A trailing succulent that can produce white, yellow, or lavender fuzzy blooms when it flowers (though not common indoors). Their stems can grow to 3 feet or longer. They are native to South Africa and grow as a ground cover in their native habitat. 


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Plant Care:



Grows at a moderate rate indoors with adequate light. Prefers medium to high amounts of light.

Tip: Supplemental lighting like grow lights can add a little boost during long, dark winters or if your environment does not have a lot of natural light.

Rotate every few months if it is not receiving light from all sides. Avoid hot, direct sunlight.


Temperature and humidity:

Tolerates average home temperatures. Can tolerate dry air.



Water thoroughly. Let the soil dry out in between waterings. Tip: push your finger 1” into the soil to check the moisture level. If very dry, water thoroughly and wait for the soil to dry out again. If moist, leave it be. 

General Info:

This plant is susceptible to root rot like most succulents. Do not over water. Avoid hot or cold drafts. Does not need to be repotted very often - but if you choose to do so - aim for the Spring or Summer.